painting sheet metalYou will find sheet metal is used in various ways around the home it can be used for backsplashes, drains, fridge freezers, cabinets, the list of uses are endless.  Sometimes if you want to make a big change to the overall look and feel of a room you may find it difficult or perhaps you haven’t thought that you could actually paint or sheet metal to help compliment your new look.

Sheet metal can be made up of various forms of thin flat metal it can be made from aluminium, steel, copper, tin, brass and others. They will all have a smooth flat finish which can be additionally difficult to paint.

Preparing the surface

If the surface of the metal is smooth to the touch then you will need to texturize it,  this means you need to make a rough surface for the paint to adhere to. You need to use a high grade sandpaper or the best material for the job is wire wool, using circular movements you want to create an even rough texture across the whole surface, taking care to avoid rubbing too hard in one spot or creating deep grooves to the surface of the metal.

Once you have an even rough surface you will need to clean off the sheet metal thoroughly,  you can use white spirit, or white vinegar this is a good choice as vinegar has a high acid content and this will further abrade the surface of the metal. Finish with a damp rag to completely remove any leftover dust or dirt.


Metal Paint

You need to purchase a oil based primer or undercoat that is suitable for use on metal services, there are many leading brands that you can choose from. The primer works as a base that will allow main paint to adhere better to the surface, it can also add an additional layer of protective coating to stop the metal from rusting.

Your topcoat of paint will also need to be suitable for use on metals, try to choose an acrylic latex gloss or semi-gloss depending on the type of finish you are looking for. Metal paints come in a variety of shades finishes, it is worthwhile investing in a premium brand paint as these offer superior finishes and protection from rusting further on down the line.

Applying the Paint

You can purchase metal paints in neither spray or brush on options either option will work equally well. Before applying the paint make sure you mask out any areas that you do not want to be covered using a standard decorators tape.
You can use either a brush or roller,  you have a large area to cover a roller would be a quicker option for applying the paint.  do not overload the roller all the brush and make sure you apply an even layer to your whole surface.  make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions for drying time between coats.

Decorating Sheet Metal