Where to Start

when you’re thinking about renovating or decorating your space, you can easily become overwhelmed by the sheer volume of so many different paint colour choices that are available.  We will review some key design principles that you should definitely keep in mind when you ‘re looking to get started.

Narrow Down the Choice

The main things you need to consider when choosing your interior wall paint colours is to start by narrowing down the choice. The very first step is – what is the room used for?  Is it a high-energy type of room like a gaming room, or is it a calming environment like a bedroom.  Also think about the intent of the room, this will help guide you in selecting a colour.

Psychology of Colour

Colour schemes are a very personal choice and there’s a lot of research regarding the psychology of colour and how it is used can affect us and our mood. Colour can be energizing and cheer us up or make us feel calm, safe and relaxed.

Here is a quick guide to how different colours make us feel:

Blue A very calming colour that makes you feel calm, centred, relaxed and serene. It’s important to point out that pastel blues can also come across a bit cold and chilly, so go for lighter, warm blues. These are great and can be easily balanced with other warm hues and soft furnishing.

YellowBrightens your mood and increases energy, perfect or kitchens or bathrooms. Yellow catches sunlight and leaves you with a joyous uplifting feeling.

WhiteWhite rooms tend to give an automatic feeling of cleanliness and purity, although White walls often show dirt and wear more easily so may need more maintenance. Usually painting walls white or off-white is great to help make rooms feel more spacious and open..

GreenThis is an awesome colour for rooms as it symbolises prosperity and is said to help to reduce anxiety. It is a restful colour for eyes and is said to be restorative, mind-clearing and encourage composure.

PurpleA rich somewhat dramatic colour, historically the colour of royalty and luxury. Warm deep purples give off a romantic feel and mysterious vibe..

OrangeAn exciting colour, bringing energy and enthusiasm to a room. Great colour to perform strenuous activities like exercise but not recommended for rooms or bedrooms where you want to relax or wind down.

RedMany people tend to link red to romance and roses, but it is also linked to hostility and rage. Red is known to raise blood pressure, heartbeat and irritability. Good for rooms that you socialize a lot in but definitely not recommended where a calming influence is required.

PinkLarge exposure to pink is said to have a calming effect on nerves and help relieve feelings of anger, aggression and neglect.

Consider The Lighting

Once you have narrowed down your choice based on the effect you are looking for the next important factor is lighting, natural and artificial. See how much light is coming in through windows, so consider how this will affect the colour, the lightest wall will be opposite the window and the darkest will be the wall with the window, imagine how this will change the colours you have chosen.

The Full Effect

So once you have narrowed your choice, checked how much light will be available the final step is to consider the furniture and soft furnishings, these really make the difference in a great room and a disaster, try to make sure they complement the main colour scheme, not overwhelm it.

Now you should be able to get some samples and get painting.

How To Choose Paint Colours