decorating your fireplaceThe fireplace is a major focal point in the room,  whether it is a working fireplace or a non working fireplace it can still be a beautiful feature.  so you want to make sure it looks it’s best and shows off its full glory.

Choosing Paint

If your budget allows then you should try to use a premium paint that is either an oil based acrylic or a water-based acrylic latex enamel,  these choices will be suitable for repeated washing,  which is an important feature if this is a working fireplace as the wood can become discoloured from smoke over time. Both will hold up well to general wear and tear from daily life. Meaning you won’t have to repaint for several years.

When choosing the right colour first consider the surrounding wall,  is in neutral in which case a bold strong colour for the fireplace might be a good choice,  if there is brick or tile her try to look for a colour that compliments the surrounding stonework.  if you’re really not sure and you can never go wrong with the classic creamy white finish.

Prepping the Surface

prepping the surfaceThis is probably the most critical part of any decorating project,  if you want a long-lasting fabulous finish paint job then it is worth spending the extra time to prepare are the surface properly.

If the frame or mantel is already stained or varnished then you will need to make sure you thoroughly sand down the surface to remove the old varnish and stain. Make sure it is wiped clean and free from all dust and debris.  you will need to apply a suitable wood primer before applying the new paint.


If you will be painting over existing paint then I’ll be no need to prime the surface, You only need to sand down and clean thoroughly.

If it is a brand new wooden mantel then you will need to prime the surface first with a suitable wood primer, once completely dry give it light sand down and clean.

A crucial step that a lot of people forget is to fill in any cracks or gaps where the mantle meets the wall.  use some caulk and an applicator gun to apply a thin bead of caulking, using your finger wipe along the gap to create a smooth finish.  If you will only be staining the wood then it is best to use a clear caulk,  if you are painting then any general decorators caulk will be fine.

Painting The Fireplace

The easiest way to paint the wooden mantel is with a paintbrush,  try to buy a good quality brush for your budget and go for a 2 or 3 inch sash brush. When applying the paint don’t overload the paintbrush,  use a smooth stroke,  follow the grain of the wood.  Make sure you apply an even coat and watch out for any drips especially on the vertical edges.
make sure the paint has completely dried before applying the second coat.

How to Decorate A Fireplace