cosy sofa and pillowsNow the nights are closing in and winter is well and truly on its way, there is nothing better than coming home to a nice warm cosy room. After a hard day at work, nothing beats relaxing for the evening snuggled up on the sofa. Whatever your room is like you may have a large open space or only a small all area to work with, there are some simple changes you can make to make any room feel like a cosy home that is perfect for relaxing, socializing and unwinding in. 


Warm Colours

What colour scheme you are using can really change the way a room feels. The best colour schemes are dependent on the lighting and size of each room.  If you have a large and well-lit room the best colours to choose would be be warm neutral colours such as red, orange and yellow, Having each wall painted in such bold colours like red may be a bit much so you could consider neutral light grey or Ivory one the main walls and have one feature wall decorated all in a bold red. 

If your room is smaller then it would be best to have every wall in a neutral colour, such as light grey, ivory, beige, or off white, then use the bolder red’s, orange’s, Brown, or yellow on the furnishings.  


  • Nothing screams comfy better than a large overstuffed sofa packed full of pillows. Or an ultra-comfortable looking chair.

  • Make sure the pillows you purchase are comfy and soft, try to keep to your colour theme for the room.
  • If your sofa is a bit dull then consider brightening up by buying a warm coloured throw, place it over the back of the sofa and it will give a nice focal Point all the room.
  • Don’t forget about rugs,  there is nothing quite like rubbing your toes in a deep pile carpet,  so if you have wooden flooring a large rug will make the room instantly feel cosier.
  • Plants Instantly give a room I lived in feel,  buy some tall potted plants and place them around the room.
  • If you have a large wall with not a lot going on, then hang some art. It doesn’t have to be expensive, as long as you like it. You can pick up custom-made canvas prints quite cheaply, or consider having some photos of your favourite memories printed on a large canvas, it not only looks great but will make you smile.
  • Rich warm-coloured fabrics can really change a room from sterile to cosy, bring a room together by matching your furnishings,  you can get a great range of colours for blinds, or curtains, these can be matched with chair coverings and your pillow choices.
  • One of the most important factors which will make or break your cosy room will be the lighting. Avoid at all costs bright fluorescent bulbs,  Have spotlighting in a room consider fitting a dimmer switch, strategically place up-lighter lamps around the room.

If you have any tips for what you have done to make your room cosy and comfortable, then leave us a comment below and let us know.

If you are looking to makeover your room but are not sure where to start or just haven’t got the time, then get in touch with us today and book your completely free no-obligation quote. 

How To Make Any Room Feel Cosy