painting old tilesYou can quickly and easily breathe fresh life into a room using the materials already in place, you could do up a dreary old kitchen by revitalising the wall tiles with a coat of paint, using a simple the process of a tile laminate cleaner, prime with tile primer and a topcoat with the tile paint. 

The first thing you will need to do before starting is you will have to clean the area.  Using a generic  tile cleaner; give it a test drive to make sure you don’t get it all over you, follow individual instructions but generally you liberally coat the tiles from the top. Being a liquid it will run down of course,then give it a nice clean. 

The preparation is the most important start to any sort of painting.  If you don’t do the preparation properly, the paint’s not going to stick, the top coat won’t stick and it won’t look good.

Once you’ve got all of the tiles clean.  Now our object is to score the tiles a light sand before applying prime.  The easiest way is to just wrap the paper round the block. When sanding make sure to use safety glasses.

The main objective is to just to take the surface off,  you don’t have to try and get anything else,  to lightly score the surface.  If you run your hand over you’ll have a little bit of dust so make sure you dust off with a lint free cloth.

You are now ready for the primer, but the first thing you have to do before applying prime is to mask up and cover the areas that you don’t want painted.  So what to do is go right to the edge and run tape along just with our finger, pushing in to the edge.  Longer strips are better.  You will get a straighter run than doing a little bit at a time. 

Place a drop sheet down and you are ready to go. Using your tile and laminate primer, tip a little bit of the primer into a tray. Using  a brush start at the top, you should cut in with the primer and roll the area once we finish cutting.  Next load up the roller, Just a little bit at a time to load it up. 

Once it’s loaded evenly, It should go fine.  Starting at the top, nice and easy.  Don’t push too hard on the roller, Don’t overload it. Take nice and easy strokes.  You’ll get an idea of once you’ve rolled a little bit, continue on and that will give you a good sound finish for your top coat.

Once the primer has dried completely, you are now ready to put the final coat on.  Make sure to stir the paint well, stirring is always from the bottom lifting up.  When applying the paint start in the corner with plenty of paint on. work your way down the tile, try to keep a wet edge.

Continue going all the way, so you don’t get overlap marks.  Starting in top corner and working your way along and down. Most tile paints are touch dry within 2 hours so you will be able to see if a second coat is need.

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How to Paint Tiles