Before you start redecorating a room with your brand new wallpaper or a new lick of paint you might have to prepare the walls by removing the old wallpaper first.

Making sure you strip the walls correctly will also save time and make sure you end up with a clean smooth finish.

Before you start tearing wallpaper down they are a couple of methods in which you can use to remove the paper.

Wallpaper Stripper Solution

For this method, you will need a wallpaper stripper solution, rubber gloves, and a stripping knife. Spray the solution onto your walls making sure you follow instructions and leave for the allocated time stated. Some types of solution will leave a coloured stain so it is easy to see where you have sprayed.

Once you have left the solution to do its job use your stripping knife to start removing a paper try to use shorty sharp movements but take extra care are not to damage your walls below, a good tip is to keep the knife as flat as you can and not let the corners dig into the plaster surface below.

If you find areas begin to dry out apply more solution. Try to remove the stripped paper off floor as often as possible as you will find when the paper dries it becomes sticky and somewhat difficult to pick up.

Electric  Steam Wallpaper Stripper

Steam strippers are a good solution for large areas of wallpaper that need removing and it also particularly good removing old stubborn wallpaper such as wood chip. Overall they make stripping a wall much easier and quicker.

A steam stripper is made up of a tank with a hose which is connected to a steaming plate,  all you do is fill the tank with water wait until boiling then hot steam will come out of the steam plate.

You then hold the plate against the wall steam will penetrate through the perforated wallpaper to reach the old adhesive underneath which will moisten it’s enough to easily strip straight from the wall.

Again try to clear up the old striped paper from the floor saw regularly as the small wet paper can stick to flooring especially wooden flooring.

Cleaning Walls After Removing Wallpaper

cleaning wallsWhatever method you choose once you have finished removing the paper you will most likely be left with a few small pieces II’s and possibly residue.  it is essential you remove these make sure you end up with a wall that is smooth and ready for decorating.

First, brush down the wall with a stiff broom I’m trying to scrape off small leftover pieces with your stripping knife. If you have paper left at the top of the wall where it meets the ceiling to avoid damage use a metal ruler and utility knife to carefully score the paper and removed safely.

You may find you are left with some old wallpaper glue either use the stripping solution or hot soapy water leave for a time then scrape off stripping knife.

The final step is to rinse all the walls with a sponge and warm water then dry the wall with a clean rag and make sure to leave dry out completely before decorating

How to remove wallpaper