New PlasterIf you just had your walls plastered you need to know how to apply the paint to a newly plastered wall, Fresh plaster needs of a different approach in order to obtain a professional finish.  Here are some quick tips on how to get it right first time.

Ensure Plaster Is Completely Dry

A newly plastered wall to suck up moisture much like a sponge,  you need to ensure the walls are completely dry. The time frame for the dying the plaster out really depends on many factors such as the room temperature,  ventilation,  humidity and how thick the plaster is.

A good time frame is around 5 to 6 days,  check the wall for dark patches, you are looking for for a light uniform pale pinkish colour. This is usually a good indication it is dry and ready for painting.


Apply A Mist Coat

The first step is to apply what is known as a Mist coat,  this is is an emulsion paint mixed with water.  you can purchase premixed mist coat  paint from most hardware stores but it is usually cheaper to make it yourself.

Pick an emulsion paint,  choose a colour that will be the same as your main colour you want the walls to be.  you need to check the emulsion paint doesn’t contain any vinyl,  look for emulsion paint that is water-based.

To mix the paint you need a clean large container and you need to combine the paint and water use a 50/50 ratio,  so you put an equal amount of water to paint this is to ensure the paint will be wet enough to be absorbed into the plaster and will seal it.

Use a roller and paint tray to apply the mist coat,  try to make sure the roller is not too wet or overloaded with paint,  the goal is to to have an even layer whilst being wet enough for you to evenly distribute the paint onto the wall.

How to ensure you apply an even layer across the whole wall starting in the bottom corner of the wall and roll the paint towards the top,  try not to roll over the same spot several times but make sure the whole wall is evenly coated so the plaster will be sealed.

Use a correctly sized small paint brush in order to paint all of the edges of the wall and corners.

Allow To Dry

Once you have completed painting the wall a Mist coat will need to dry out completely for at least 24 hours,  try to leave your doors and windows of the room open to help speed up the drying time.

Once the mist coat is completely dry to the touch your newly plastered wall is ready to be painted with your regular paint.

Painting New Plaster